Satisfied Clients

From my clients, in their own words:

Dear Decen,

I know it is quite odd to write you this letter! But I really really want to say thank you to you!!

It’s not only the magic of the crystals but also you, you are now just like a friend of mine or may be even a doctor who can cure my wound in my deepest heart.

Everytime I’ll feel better after talking to you, just like you can see through what am I really thinking and worrying, you can calm me down, make me feel better and help to relief my pain in my deep heart!

It’s my pleasure to have a chance to know you!

Thanks a lot!

P.S. Hope we can be real friends in the future! But whatever, I already treat you as my friend, hope you don’t mind! ^^

Oct 2002

Dearest Decen,

哈哈!!好多謝你呀!!今年我最好既生日禮物,就係認識到您!!今年既生日過得好開心 (希望我真係正面左啦!!),雖然我仲未完全放低他,但我覺得已經完全無問題!希望你唔會覺得我煩啦,因為我成日喺唔應該既時間找您!但我真係好多謝您!亦好尊敬、敬重您!!

Love you so much!! ^^

Sep 2003